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      The College comprises three departments: first,  Department of information Science and Computer Engineering (initially Department of Information Science established in August 1996, with master’s program added in August 2007, renamed after August 2008); second, Department of Finance and Actuarial Science (integration of Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science and Department of Applied Mathematics since August 2016, offering both bachelor's and master's degree programs); third, Department of Air Transport Industry (merged in August 2018). A small and beautiful college, the curricular design of each department basically places a focus on common knowledge of mathematics, with the tentacles of studies extended to the fields more relevant to mathematics. In addition to the delivery of basic professional knowledge, the instructor lays even more a stress on the practical aspects of the concepts taught in the classroom. Students upon completion of their study are able to apply what they learn after entering the job market, or pursue further study with the solid foundation they build during the four-year study.
     The college was established at the same time when the school was renamed “Aletheia University”. In the future, with the continuous growth of each department and institute, we commit ourselves to keeping up hiring more excellent teachers equipped with specializations of their own, and enriching the equipment as well as the collection of books needed by the faculty members who are much encouraged to carry out research work actively in addition to their teaching responsibilities, and to strengthen their teaching content and efficiency as they can. Students are therefore offered an environment full of research atmosphere for their best learning. Having been fully aware of the features of the department they belong, student are keen to grasp any learning opportunity which comes upon, to train themselves to think independently and make precise judgement innovatively, thereby paving a way for their future study or employment. With the joint efforts of teachers and students, it is our hope that we educate more talents of mathematics, decision-making, actuarial and information engineering for this competitive society. 










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